My first post -WTF- on some random shit

Alright I’m back to blogging my random shit. I’m new to wordpress though so…yup ;] I’m currently on the phone with my boyfriend now and I’m getting friggin hungry. Anyways this seems less complicated than Xanga its just a bunch of complicated shit on there seriously. Well…oh shit I just had deja vu ;p whatever chicken balls. I am Asian yes one of those slanted eyed people who looks like there sleeping, kinda like this -_- or ^_^ whatever you know what the hell I’m talking about hopefully this keeps some of my friends updated with me since they don’t have a twitter, well some of them do and they don’t stay on it. Who knows if they’ll like it. I really don’t like this whole barbie movement thing seriously really? calling yourself a plastic piece of shit and trying to look like it? c’mon ladies stop all that Nicki Minaj shit and just be yourself or have so many woman been overly influenced by celebs that they don’t even know who they are? Well thats my little rant today. ;] laters