Today…and some other random bullshit.

Well there was this Asian girl who painted her nails very pretty today,I asked her if I can see them. A table was in my way so me not thinking just bent over slightly…I didn’t realize there was this black guy sitting right behind me. Yup I friggin bent over in front of him,like wtf he was probably thinking “Man get yo chinese fried ass out of my face!” Oh little ol me smh…at least the hispanic chic next to him wasn’t his girlfriend.

I overslept this morning you know for an Asian person I’m not very good with time like, I need a damn time management book or some shit. I wish I was those traditional Asian people who are really good with being on time and not procrastinating or any of that shit. I would get alot more done around here instead of sitting on my ass typing on this muhfukin computer right now like most American people do.

Another thing I realized over the years that my father wished he never came to America he thinks this place is so f*cked up and spoiled he really talk shit about it every time I see him.He talks about how the teenagers are dumb as a f*ckin buffalo and how the parents don’t give a sh*t about what their kids do and thats how all these homeless and crackheads formed. Then he goes on about how college students spend their parents money to get into college and major in stupid shit and later on wanna switch. He thinks that everyone should try to become a doctor or go somewhere in the medical field. (even though that is a good career choice) not everyone wants to do what that you know? I’m like thinking to myself “Seriously?? then why the hell did you come to America? You could have stayed in Vietnam.” of course I would not have been born and he would have died but when you complain about shit everyday and you can’t do nothing about it theres really no point. I’ve learned from him already but on the other hand…he DOES have a good point. America is really stupid and I don’t f*ckin care what anyone says ever if they say “Oh then why don’t you get out here and go to your country.” or some stupid f*ckery like that see? that wasn’t even the damn point you IGNORANT fool we are definitely not the smartest country nor do we have enough discipline. Thats my opinion on that I may be right or wrong to you but I don’t f*ckin care. Thats my post for today people :]


This creates lulz for me