Dinosaurs,weird sh*t, and masturbation.

Alright I was one of those weird ass chics I still am. I talk about random sh*t thats why blogs and twitter fit into my daily life. My birthday week was awesome,Christmas will be too! Ok enough about that. I noticed how every popular Vietnamese person’s last name is Nguyen. People probably are like “How the f*ck do I say this sh*t?” It doesn’t matter just make sure you don’t call that Vietnamese person a Jap,Korean,philli,or malaysian and they’ll never be offended.

So what’s your favorite dinosaur? Mines is a Muthaf*ckin T-rex yes. :] they make me happy.(I wasn’t lying when I said I was weird) but yes the amazing T-rex. Oh how I love your little arms and your huge head with them thick thighs. I always wondered…if a T-rex could masturbate…how could they do it? I mean is that why they are always shouting and being angry? I know no damn female dinosaur wanna hop on that,and the muthaf*cka can’t even hit it from the back because he don’t got nothin to hold on to he’ll just f*ckin fall. I know T-rex’s be getting sexually frustrated…I would be too if I had some little ass arms and couldn’t reach down to my crotch area,and what makes it worse is that I can’t even fuck anything…smh they must have been some depressing ass creatures…”RAHAHHHARR!! SOMEONE FUCK MEHH!!! RAAWRWRR!!! I CAN’T REACH MY DIIICCK!!! WTFFF!!!” Gettin mad and sh*t.